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Organic Biodynamic Beef

Our certified organic beef farm

Waima Hill Organic Farm is situated at the foot of New Zealand’s Waima Ranges, with Northland’s highest mountains just behind us.
We have been farming the land organically and producing organic beef since 1993, gaining transitional (organic) Demeter certification in 1995 and full Demeter certification in 1997. In addition to that we also gained our full organic BioGro certification in 2020.

We have bio-dynamically transformed our land from its previously neglected state to a now productive organic pasture. To achieve this we have used biodynamic, organic and regenerative farming practises. All our waterways and all native bush on the farm were fenced off between 1993 and 1995.

BioGro  certified organicDemeter  certified organic

organic bio-dynamic land

The Land, organic, bio-dynamic

We have created wildlife habitats, protected wetlands and planted a large amount and variety of trees on the farm.

Fencing off all streams nearly 30 years ago has helped water leave our property as clean as it entered. Fencing off bush has resulted in natural regeneration. In addition, the fencing design has created a network of wildlife corridors, aiding safe passage between areas of bush for natives such as the kiwi.

The Animals, certified organic beef

The Animals, certified organic

Pasture and animals are raised in conditions
that reflect the rhythms and cycles of nature thus capturing the vitality of nature’s living energies.

The animals are our highest priority, being farmed to the highest standards of organic agriculture, enjoying a good life on herbal pastures with plenty of shade, shelter and crystal clear water of the Waima ranges.

Gourmet quality organic beef

Gourmet quality organic beef

Great personal effort is taken to ensure gourmet quality!

We are confident that the products that you purchase are tasty and tender, and that the personal care we take shines through in the outstanding taste of our beef.
You can purchase Waima Hill Beef through mail order or at the Whangarei’s Growers market on Saturday and in different North Island shops.

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Sustainable organic beef

At Waima Hill Organic Farm we believe in sustainable living, encompassing practices such as permaculture, growing our own organic food, adopting reusable energies, biodynamics and taking good care of our land and animals.

With the food we are eating we are not only feeding our bodies but our inner selves, which is why we grow our own organic and biodynamic food on our farm
Our energy needs are catered for from a combination of renewable sources. Our small hydro-powered turbine provides electricity; solar panels on our roof hot water; a wood burning stove a tool for cooking and heating.

Our home

Our home is a passive solar design, capturing the sun in winter to warm the house while keeping it out in summer.
The biodynamic method of farming seeks to work with the environment and nature.
The health and wellbeing of soil, plant, animal and human is nurtured. Renewable organic materials are generated and used on-site; highly fertile and productive pastures and healthy soil are created , biodiversity is encouraged. All without the use of any chemical sprays or fertilisers or genetic engineering.

Our belief that a quality product starts with quality soil can be experienced
in the quality of Waima Hill Organic Beef.

organic beef farm residence


Ursula & Erwin Eisenmann
Waima Hill
R.D.3 Kaikohe
New Zealand
Phone: (09) 405 3833